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** Important Notice: As part of this essential maintenance procedure, on Friday, 7/28/23 we have reset all passwords for accounts at Brand Name Distributors, please click on "Forgot Password" Link to reset your password.

Account invites are valid for 30 days. If more than 30 days have passed since you received the invite, contact our "Support Team" to request a new invitation.**
** Important Notice: As part of this essential maintenance procedure, on Friday, 7/28/23 we have reset all passwords for accounts at Brand Name Distributors, please click on "Forgot Password" Link to reset your password**

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Links:
Hours of Operation
Account Registration
E-Commerce Business
Shipping & Returns
Technical Issues


Hours of Operations:

Sales/Purchasing Team:
Monday-Thursday: 10am - 5pm
Friday: 10am -2pm

Monday-Thursday: 8am - 2pm
Friday: 8am - 11am

We are closed on all public holidays. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

We take your privacy very seriously. If you have any questions about your information and how we process and protect it, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Brand Name Distributors solely work with licensed businesses that have an EIN number.

Contact Us: When you are on our website, you can navigate to our contact us page where you will find an easy-to-use form to get in touch.

Account Registration:

New Accounts: All customers must provide proof of their Resale Certificate and Employer Identification Number (EIN) before you can place an order with us.

Opening an account is easy:

1) Fill out a New Account Application and allow 1-3 business days for us to review and process your account.
2) Upon approval, an email confirmation will be sent, along with details of your assigned sales representative.
3) Depending on the type of company you operate, we will provide access to our catalog and inventory in different ways. For retail stores, we will ask you to create an account to access our online catalog. E-commerce sellers can request a weekly inventory update via an excel file from the assigned sales representative.
4) With all that done, you are now ready to place an order. We have a minimum order value of $1500 for every order you place.
5) Once your order is placed, a sales representative will process the order for you and ensure everything is correct. Please allow 1-2 business days for completion.
6) If there are any issues such as products being out of stock, our sales representative will get in touch, giving you the option to remove those items from your order or choose a suitable replacement.
Disclaimer: All orders to New York City and parts of New Jersey with an order minimum of $1,500 qualify for free shipping. Contact your sales representative for any additional shipping-related inquiries.
7) Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to arrive when choosing free shipping. We will let you know of the nearest available delivery dates. Should your order incur a shipping delay, you will be notified by phone or email so please be sure that you provide accurate contact information.
8) Please be sure to review your order on the day of delivery and sign the driver’s BOL copy. In order to return items for credit made from a previous order, you must note the product description, case UPC, quantity, and the reason for returning the items. Returned products must include the original packaging. Please check our return policy.
9) If you have any issues with your order, your sales representative will be happy to help. To ensure a prompt response, please notify them of any issue on the day of delivery.

E-Commerce Business

Do you work with E-Commerce Sellers like Amazon, eBay, Walmart or other online platforms?
Yes, we do.

Do you have a catalog with UPCs in a CSV or Excel format?
Yes, we offer our customer’s Excel formats of our inventory which include Description, Unit UPC, Quantity Availability and case pack.

How can one open an account to become a reseller?
You would need to fill out a New Account Application to have your account reviewed and approved. Once approved, you will be assigned with a sales representative to assist you.

Can you ship directly to FBA or packaging centers?
Yes, we have an Amazon department that offers a service to label the case where UPS can pick up the goods to ship to Amazon FBA. We also offer packing and label services as well before sending to the Amazon FBA or to any other e-commerce fulfillment center .

Does your invoice ungate categories?
Yes, once payment is made and order is picked up, we will provide a final invoice that you can provide to Amazon to get ungated in certain categories.

Does Amazon get in touch with your company to confirm the goods were bought from your company?
Yes, Amazon does get a hold of us to confirm X Company purchased from us and to provide proof.

Can you offer discounts in total or per item?
We can offer a discount based on item-by-item. Some items we may have room to work with and some items we won’t. You can ask your assigned Sales Representative to include you in his/her email list for special deals for Online Sellers like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Do you have special deals for Amazon sellers?
Yes, we do have offers for Amazon sellers. Please speak to your sales representative to sign you up for those deals.

What is the order process with E-Commerce Sellers?

1) First, you would need to fill out a New Account Application.
2) We would review the account application and send an approval email followed by assigning a sales representative to assist you.
3) The Sales Representative may provide a weekly inventory excel file, upon request, to be reviewed for purchase.
4) Then the Sales representative will reach out to you to confirm the order and to see if there is anything you want to add or re-order.
5) Prepayment is made before the Warehouse can prepare the order.
6) Once an order is prepared by the Warehouse, your sales representative will notify you that it is ready for pick up and provide the pallet information which will include: number of pallets, dimensions of the pallet and total pallet weight. Also, the salesperson will provide a pickup number as a reference.
7) You would need to provide to your sales representative a Bill of Lading (BOL) for us to release the order to the Freight Company that will pick up your order and send it off to your Warehouse, Amazon FBA, or Packaging Center.
8) Lastly, you can request a copy of your invoice to submit to Amazon for resale.

Can you label each case with UPS prepaid labels?
Yes, we have a department that offers a service to Amazon sellers and other E-commerce professionals that buy from Brand Name Distributors and outside of Brand Name Distributors. We can label each case to be shipped out by UPS directly to an FBA center.

Can you pack the goods as bundles?
We are proudly happy to offer the services for our customers and can direct you to someone that handles the packing and labeling services for Amazon or any E-Commerce platform. The prices will vary based on the items.

What happens when the merchandise comes to our Warehouse damaged/missing items?
Once any merchandise is picked up from our Warehouse, Brand Name Distributors is no longer responsible for any damaged or missing items en-route to final destination.



How do I change my saved billing and delivery addresses?
You can easily change your current billing or delivery address and add new delivery addresses from your account. Simply log in and go to Manage My Addresses on the My Account page. Here you can change or add billing and delivery addresses, as well as set your default shipping address,

You can also change your billing and shipping address while you are placing an order on the address confirmation screen. Just click “change” next to your billing or shipping address to designate a default address that you already have on file or add a new address to your profile.

How do I change my email address?
To protect your account information, you cannot change your email address online. Instead, you need to tale to our customer service team. Call 718-643-1141 or email us at

How do I view my order history?
To view your recent order history, log in under “My Account” and go to “View Order History”. You can filter by order status and date, as well as find information about specific orders by clicking “details”.

How do I change my password?
Once you are logged in, you can go to “My Account” then “Edit Profile” to change your password.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click “Forgot Password?” on the login page and we will email you a link where you can easily change your password. It is important to ensure that your email address details are kept up to date for security reasons.


How can I place an order?
Order online or by phone at 718-643-1141. Our dedicated customer service team is available Monday - Thursday: 10 am to 5 pm EST and Friday 10 am to 2 pm EST to help you with your order.

First time orders
In order to place your first order, we must verify your company information by filling out the “New Account” application. Please allow 1-3 business days to process and review the application.

You can speed up the verification process by filling out the New Account Application before you place an order so that everything is approved and ready to go. Once approved, you will receive an email for approval and be assigned to a sales representative to handle your account.

Why is the price of an item different when the order is processed by a sales representative after submitting the order?
Prices are subject to change-including temporary reductions, deals as well as permanent increases. Prices in your cart may differ slightly from the initial order due to volume discounts or other factors. Rest assured, we will always provide the very best price possible for you on every order.

What payment methods are accepted?
★ Certified bank check
★ Wire Transfers

**When paying via check, please allow 3-4 business days to clear.

Do you charge sales tax?
No, we do not charge sales tax, but we do require you to have a own certificate to be a customer. We will ask for proof during your Account Application.

Order Status and Changing an Order
Before you place your order, you can view the contents and the total amount in your shopping cart. After an order has been submitted, it will go through the following steps:

1) A sales representative will contact you (via phone or email) and review the order.
2) You can advise at the time of the call or email if you’d like to change or add anything to the order.
3) Once the sales representative advises when the available delivery date is, your order is locked in, and we won’t be able to make any more changes.

Shipping & Returns

We offer Free Shipping to customers within the NY Tristate area using our own trucks. Some zip codes will not qualify for free shipping so please reach out to your Sales Representative.

Do you ship outside the NY Tristate area?
Yes, we can arrange shipping with a third party, but you would be responsible for the additional cost. The shipping charge will be added onto your Proforma Invoice/Invoice.

What happens if product is damaged or missing when the delivery arrives?
Once any merchandise is picked up from our warehouse, Brand Name Distributors is no longer responsible for any damaged or missing items en-route to final destination.

What is my shipping charge for my order?
Shipping charges are based on three components: The number of pallets, dimensions of the pallet(s) and the total weight. If you want to add anything else to the order, it will affect the shipping cost.

Do you ship internationally?
No, we don’t ship internationally. However, we can recommend a Freight Forwarder that would be able to assist in arranging for pick up from our loading dock and delivery to your destination. However, you will be responsible to make payment to the Freight Forwarder for their service. You can also use your own Freight Forwarder if you have one, that can arrange the pickup on your behalf.

What are the hours if I want my own freight forwarder to pick up my order?
Our Shipping/Receiving hours are Monday-Thursday 8 am-2 pm and Friday 8 am-11 am.

What do I need to provide to the shipping department if I arrange the pickup?
You will need to provide a Bill of Loading (BOL) and a pickup number which you can obtain by requesting it from your sales representative.

Shipping Times:
We don’t ship on the weekend or on holidays.


When using a Third-party company, the ETA will vary depending on your location.
● Returns/Exchanges

If you have any questions regarding returns/exchanges, please refer to our stated Returns Policy or contact your sales representative for assistance.

Do you need a resale certificate to shop at our company?
Yes, before you can access the online store or view our weekly inventory excel file, you will need to fill out the New Account Application which will require you to upload your resale certificate and include your Tax ID.

Do you provide special offers[DS5] ?
Yes, we do promote daily/weekly offers on goods that your assigned sales representative can email you. Be sure to ask your salesperson to add you to their mailing list. In the Pre-Orders, you will receive all the information that is needed to know before reserving the goods.

Is a deposit needed for Pre-Order Deals?
Yes, a deposit is needed for all Pre-Orders because although these items are not yet in stock, we commit up-front with our vendors to purchase everything our customers reserve when we offer these deals. These orders may not be canceled therefore we urge all customers to be sure that they fully intend on purchasing their reserved goods, as the deposits are non-refundable.

We provide an estimated lead time on all pre-ordered items and all customers are provided with a deposit contract as proof of commitment. Please keep in mind that situations may occur where your pre-ordered goods arrive past the lead time which we provide. When these delays happen, they are typically short in duration and due to logistical reasons that are out of our control.

Do you sell items that are not seen in your catalog or inventory file?
Yes, we have access to just about any national brand product on the market and although we may not stock them all, we can always custom order it for you as long as the assigned minimum order for that product is met. Custom orders will need a non-refundable deposit placed before product will be secured.


Technical Issues:

I clicked on the invite link, but it doesn't seem to be working. What's wrong?
If the invite link to your account isn't functioning, it's possible that the link has either expired or has already been used. Account invite links expires after 30 days.
If more than 30 days have passed since you received the invite, contact our "Support Team" to request a new invitation.

Why is my saved cart is not appearing when I switch to another device?
If you're not seeing your saved cart on a different device, a number of reasons could be responsible. Here is a checklist of things you can do to resolve it.
  1. Same Account: Ensure you're logged into the same account on both devices. The cart only syncs if you are logged in to your user account.
  2. Expiration of Cart: The items in your cart will be removed automatically after a 30-day period of inactivity. If the cart remains untouched for 30 days, it will automatically expire.
  3. Browser Cache: It's possible the new device's browser is showing an older cached version of the website. Clear the cache and refresh. Please click this link for step-by-step instructions on clearing your browser cache.
  4. Cookie Settings: If cookies are not enabled, your cart won't sync across devices. Make sure to allow cookies. Click Here for instructions on how to enable cookies on your device.
  5. Internet Connectivity: Sometimes, slow or unstable internet can result in incomplete loading of website features, including the saved cart.
I requested a new password but didn't get an email. What should I do now?
If you're unable to locate the password reset email in your inbox, please proceed with the checklist below:
  1. It might take a few minutes for the email to show up in your inbox, so give it some time before checking again.
  2. Inspect your email's spam, junk, or promotional folders, as password reset emails sometimes land there.
  3. Double-check to ensure you've provided the correct email address linked to your Brand Name Distributors account.
  4. Your password reset link will become inactive after 30 days. If you haven't used it within that timeframe, you'll have restart the process by clicking Forgot Password link.
If the problem continues, please get in touch with our customer service team.

I added a certain quantity of items to my cart, but now the number has changed. Why did this happen?
When the quantity of specific items in your cart changes, you’ll notice that in most cases, the updated quantity will be less than what you originally put in your cart. Here are some of the reasons why this happens
  1. It's likely because those items have sold since you began your order and are now either less available or completely sold out.
  2. This may also occur when we update our inventory and the available quantity has been reduced.

I'm experiencing another issue with the website that's not listed here. What can I do?
We understand the importance of a seamless browsing experience. To better understand the issue, please capture a video where you verbally explain what you're attempting to do and the problem that's occurring. This will allow us to identify and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Please email the video to:
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