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** Important Notice: As part of this essential maintenance procedure, on Friday, 7/28/23 we have reset all passwords for accounts at Brand Name Distributors, please click on "Forgot Password" Link to reset your password.

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** Important Notice: As part of this essential maintenance procedure, on Friday, 7/28/23 we have reset all passwords for accounts at Brand Name Distributors, please click on "Forgot Password" Link to reset your password**

About Us

Company Overview

Brand Name Distributors is a market leading distributor of named brand produce to the NYC Tri-State area.

Over the past five years Brand Name has gone from distributing a few choice items, to being able to maintain thousands of items in stock with competitive pricing.

Our goal is to give personal yet professional service to our customers using an energetic sales based team that are well versed and able to provide details for every item in stock. Using our custom state of the art sales, logistical and warehouse management software, we are able to utilize every square foot of our 600,000 cubic feet warehouse. In addition to maintaining a daily rotation of stock and orders we are virtually always able to guarantee next day delivery of any ordered items. After working as independent sales agents for multiple distribution companies for many years, the company founders decided that owning their own warehouse was the next logical step providing a platform in which to eventually expand. Brand Name decided to offer entire premium brand-name product lines that they chose meticulously, instead of selling low quality items or pushing undesirable product. Observing how the New York based businesses operate and the current general lack of business cooperatives and their cumulative buying power, Brand Name became a retail distributor to supermarkets, grocery stores, bodegas, discount pharmacies, discount $0.99 stores and food service suppliers. Bulk buying power when ordering directly from the manufacturers and major product distributors, allows us to provide business cooperative pricing in smaller quantities, without the need for our client to purchase more product than they can usually turnaround from a traditional wholesaler.

Distribution and Warehousing

With our distribution center located in downtown Brooklyn, geographically we are in the center of New York City’s major metropolitan area, placing us literally minutes away from all five major entry points east of Manhattan.

Being next to the major artery that goes through Brooklyn and into Queens provides ease of access to all boroughs of New York and reduces travel time to Long Island, Staten Island, All points of New Jersey, Southern Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Our professional team inside the distribution center operates two secure drive-in loading docks completely capable of receiving 60′ trailers allowing us to load and unload in any weather. Our tier-based inventory system ensures order accuracy and allows our order assembly team to work independently from shipping and receiving. We have a burgeoning fleet of gate loading trucks, currently seven 26′ all equipped with FleetMinder™, enabling us to coordinate distribution in the most informed and efficient way possible. Our logistics team constantly updates the drivers and directions to avoid delays that could potentially prevent delivery by using their extensive knowledge of the area and by routing to avoid construction, congestion and rush hour traffic.

Point of Sale

The custom software that our agents use to place orders allows us freedom to provide a comfortable working environments for all of our sales team, it is completely mobile providing the opportunity to work the most comfortable and productive locale for each individual. This affords our agents, after an initial period of in-house mentor based training, the opportunity to decide to work in one of our sales offices, from home or to actually travel to the clients premises.

Our company sales policy has a matured into no-pressure sales. As mentioned before deliberate careful selection of products that almost sell themselves, and our staff working in their most comfortable environment, eliminates the need for hard line high pressure sales techniques completely. Our software also utilizes a built in loss-leader incentive calculator, allowing agents to offer larger discounts on certain items and quantity based discounts on others. As a result our agents have friendly almost conversational sales calls with our clients.

Customer Base


Word-of-mouth advertising is priceless and Brand Name strive to only give the best service. However, we cannot rely on good recommendations alone and ignore more conventional advertising methods. Using our sophisticated software, we are able to produce an up to date catalog of items and prices almost in a moment’s notice. Our database of active clients exceeds 3,500 and can be customized based upon their previous inquiry and history of purchase. Currently we are able to distribute over 5,000 catalogs bi-weekly to active clients. Our print turnaround for each catalog including either a complete inventory or specifically customized for individual clients, including center a spread of fast moving items, inside and outside cover ‘specials’, design, layout, clean and place product image and is maximum of four hours. Our software also allows us to instantly deliver details of any special promotion items that we have, or will be receiving before the next catalog is distributed. This ensures that our customers are up to date on the items available to them at all times. In addition our lead team is constantly striving to generate new customers using primarily face to face and presentation introductions.

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